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The project will develop an online platform for the vocational education and training on the development of volunteering management programmes for non-profit organisations. Its target group will be volunteer coordinators or staff working mainly on NGOs (even if it can be also valid for private companies aiming to develop internal corporate volunteering services) that could need programmes for the appropriate management of their volunteers or aspire to improve those already existing on them. Besides the online format and coaching offered by project partners to its users, the platform will combine different formal and non formal methodologies together to interactive and audiovisual materials to ensure an effective self learning of those using it. The draft of the platform (that could be increased and/or improved during the last stage of the project if needed) would originally include a unit to train learners on the use of the online platform, nine units based on the process of the volunteering management and extra content about how to apply this process at transnational level and promote transnational synergies among third sector entities. The nine learning units mentioned will deal with the next issues:

1. Planning volunteer programme.

2. Organisation of the volunteer program.

3. Designing volunteer positions.

4. Recruiting the right volunteers.

5. Matching volunteers to the role.

6. Preparing volunteers for success.

7. Support and supervision in managing volunteers.

8. Monitoring and evaluation of volunteer programmes.

9. Recognition of volunteers.


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