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Levol-app has developed an online platform for the vocational education and training on the development of volunteering management programmes for non-profit organisations. Its target group are volunteer coordinators or staff working mainly on NGOs (even if it can be also valid for private companies aiming to develop internal corporate volunteering services) that could need programmes for the appropriate management of their volunteers or aspire to improve those already existing on them. Besides the online format and coaching offered by project partners to its users, the platform combines different formal and non formal methodologies together to interactive and audiovisual materials to ensure an effective self learning of those using it. The platform contains nine learning units including a theoretical part, practical exercises and plenty of external materials and templates about:1. Planning volunteer programme; 2. Organisation of the volunteer program; 3. Designing volunteer positions; 4. Recruiting the right volunteers; 5. Matching volunteers to the role; 6. Preparing volunteers for success; 7. Support and supervision in managing volunteers; 8. Monitoring and evaluation of volunteer programmes; and 9. Recognition of volunteers.

Besides this and a certificate to recognise the knowledge acquired through this tool, the platform offers and extra section that offers to its users an editable template and guidelines to write a volunteering management programme.  Click on the button to enter on the platform or contact the project partner in your country to get access to it.

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Project seal

Levol-app offers a system to validate the volunteering management programmes developed using its online platform. The tool provides a final section on which users can create a page to write their volunteering management programmes, be edited by them and also commented by coaches to provide advice. Those completing their programmes and being approved by their coaches, can ask for a project seal recognising that their programmes were made under partners supervision and to be uploaded as a digital badge on the online channels or website of their own organisations.


Project final results feedback from participants

This document collects and resumes the main results of the evaluations made during the project multiplier events of Levol-app in all its countries (Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and UK) using paper forms, open discussions and groups dynamics . The feedback provided through these forms was collected by the project partners, resumed, translated into English and sent using a specific online form for it including also the own comments of partners staff who facilitated the events. The file contains not only the satisfaction of the project participants towards its online platform, but also their points of view and ideas about how to use this tool within their organisations and volunteering programmes.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.