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Posted on the 03/02/2020 – 116 people gathered from 86 different NGOs and social stakeholders were joined on the five multiplier events carried out by Levol-app on its five countries. The aim of these activities was to share experiences and get to know the functionalities and impact of Levol-app, an innovative platform on Volunteer Management. The Levol-app project has entered its final stretch and the online platform it gave origin to was now presented to the public. In all five partner countries of the project, multiplier events were held in order to share the functionalities of this innovative platform on Volunteer Management and also its results and the experiences of those who have participated in its trial phase.

Posted on the 07/10/2019 – Organisations from 5 different countries gathered to discuss final steps of Levol-app, an online platform on Volunteer Management. The fourth and last meeting of the Levol-app project took place in Cori, Italy, between the 30th of September and the 3rd of October. With the presence of all five partner organisations and, also, the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency, the event was stage to a presentation, by the Italian partner, of the online platform’s updated version, improved according to the feedback given by 100+ users during a trial period. 

Posted on the 14/07/2019– Project’s partners gather in Birmingham for review. The third meeting of the Levol-App project took place last week, in Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK). In this meeting, the project’s partners reviewed the gathered feedback from the 120 people that participated in the platform’s trial phase. Levol-app was tested by organizations from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and the UK. In this project meeting, the partner organisations focused on reviewing and analyzing the feedback that was given by the testers and coaches on the trial phase of the platform. Generally, the feedback was positive, giving, however, space for improvement.


Posted on the 15/02/2019 – Organisations from 5 different countries gather on the 3rd time Best European Destination. The third meeting of Levol-App project in Porto, Portugal will happen in February, giving a kick off to the volunteer management training of the project’s partner representatives. The third transnational activity of the project will be a meeting that will join representatives from all the project’s partner organizations. The event will take place between the 18th and the 22nd of February, in Porto (Portugal), with the purpose of training Levol-App’s future coaches in the field of volunteer management.

Posted on the 17/10/2018 – Here we leave you some pictures of the second transnational meeting of the project that took place on  Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) from the 8th to 11th October 2018.

Posted on the 13/09/2018 – The second meeting of Levol-App project in Banská Bystrica – Slovakia will happen from 8 to 11th October. The online platform is now starting to be developed after all the partners created the intellectual contents.

Posted on the 22/01/2018– The Spanish city of Logroño hosted during four days the first transnational meeting of this European initiative focused on supporting and guiding NGOs on the development of their own volunteering management programmes.

Posted on the 09/12/2017 – The first transnational meeting of the project will take place from the 16/01/2018 to the 19/01/2018 and will join together representatives of the five partner organisations.

Posted on the 15/11/2017 – Partner organisations are carrying out a research on each project country in order to know more about the needs and obstacles that non-profit organisations face when implementing or creating their volunteer management programmes. During the first stage of Levol-app its partners are running individual meetings and focus groups in order to discover more about the difficulties that volunteer entities face on the design and implementation of volunteer management programmes, find out which concrete obstacles have these organisations on the management of volunteers and establish the figures or indicators that will be taken into account to run the final research of impact of Levol-app. This initial activity will also allow partners to have a first contact with the project target group and introduce them “Levol-app” in a direct way and invite them to participate on future project activities.

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